Doctor Erik Fung

CUHK Employment

Assistant Professor,
Lui Che Woo Institute of Innovative Medicine (LCWIIM)

Phone Number

 +852 3505 3140



Dr Erik Fung is an academic cardiologist and physician-scientist in the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a medical graduate of CUHK and has had predoctoral, PhD and postdoctoral research training at Harvard Medical School, University of Cambridge, Dartmouth College, and Imperial College London. During his research training at Cambridge, he was a Prince Philip Graduate Exhibition scholar and JDRF Postdoctoral Fellow. After cardiology training at Dartmouth, he further sub-specialised in advanced heart failure, ventricular assist device and transplant cardiology at University of Southern California. Dr Fung’s research team is focused on heart failure, circulatory disorders, and inflammation.


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