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Discovery of Novel Antiviral Drug Candidates

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Recent increases in pneumonia cases have involved various respiratory pathogens. Besides influenza virus, coronavirus, and mycoplasma infections, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) also significantly contributes to severe respiratory infections.

In the search for novel therapeutics against RSV, an interdisciplinary research team led by Professor Billy NG from the CU Medicine, designed and synthesized novel antiviral drug candidates. The drug candidates belong to the class of nucleoside analogues, which are known for their antiviral properties. However, the structural design of the new compounds is unprecedented and possesses extraordinary antiviral effectiveness.
As the continuous emergence of pathogenic viruses necessitates the development of novel and structurally diverse analogues, this research brings new opportunities for the exploration and development of antiviral therapy.

Medicinal chemists, specializing in molecular design and synthesis, play a pivotal role in leading drug discovery by crafting molecules with innovative structures and promising therapeutic potential, particularly in the development of ground-breaking small-molecule treatments.

The findings have been published in Organic Letters, an international peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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